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A crucial piece of information was said at the press conference held in Prague on Friday before the 3rd round of the 2016/2017 World Cup: Everything is ready for the races to start! Grandstands capable of hosting 20,000 spectators have been built at the Vysočina Aréna. Further 10,000 biathlon fans can scatter along the racing course – either at paid spots with terraces, screens and similar facilities, or at spots that are admission free. The course is covered with a layer of artificial snow with thickness ranging between 70 and 100 centimetres. Elite biathletes, who have just finished racing in Pokljuka, Slovenia, are arriving at Nové Město na Moravě on Monday. Parking lots in walking distance from the stadium are available for fans.


The Vysočina Arena has been snowed up with 40 thousand cubic metres of artifical snow

“Preparing everything felt nearly like a dream this time. Favourable weather and sufficient stock of snow meant we could do almost anything, we could be very generous with the snow, and the stadium looks wonderful,” Jiří Hamza, the president of the organizing committee said, pleased. Nové Město na Moravě is hosting the elite biathletes for the fourth time, as a World Cup series round was held here in 2012, World Championships in 2013, a World Cup race a year later. And this year it is World Cup again. “We are getting ready for huge crowds of fans, expecting extreme numbers of them. The weekend races have been virtually sold out, only a few tickets for Thursday and Friday are left,” Hamza added.

Without tickets, it will be possible to access the course in the direction of the “Harusák” hill, i.e. near the tubes. We expect 120,000 spectators to find their way to the Vysočina Aréna in the four days that the races will be held on. The grounds are well prepared for the crowds. “I would only like to ask all fans to arrive on time. We shall open the grounds to them four hours before the start every day,” Jiří Hamza stressed. Further opportunities for parking will be created by the closure of the state road no. 19 between Žďár nad Sázavou and Nové Město na Moravě that will go from the crossroads at the hospital all the way to the roundabout.

Both people and machines are working hard

Both people and machines are working hard

Due to the rather complicated political situation in the world, more stringent safety measures have been applied. “We keep on explaining to visitors that they must be patient. Checks will have an exact procedure as we want everyone to be happy, and we have no interest in dealing with issues unrelated to biathlon,” the president of the organizing committee noted. A rich accompanying programme is prepared for visitors, who will have a chance to join the bone marrow registry on Saturday and Sunday. “This is why it pays off to come in time,” the president of the organizing committee reminded. “I believe that we will have the best atmosphere ever.”


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