Do you want tickets to biathlon? We have a solution for you!

If you have guessed that the upcoming Biathlon World Cup, which will take place in Nové Město na Moravě, attracts exceptional number of spectators, you are right. What’s more, the 20 thousand places in the spectators’ area have already been sold out for both Saturday and Sunday! If you still don’t have your tickets to the Vysočina Arena and would like to watch biathlon live, we have a solution for you! There are still some tickets available in pre-sale for both weekend days into the fan zones placed along the course. And you can be sure you will not miss a thing there either. You can find large TV-screens, refreshment stands and sanitary facilities right next to these stands!

Jeden z desetitisíců fanoušků ve Vysočina Areně

One of the thousands of fans in the Vysočina Arena

In case you would rather support your favourites at the stadium, we can offer you free capacities on Thursday and Friday.

Current situation is as follows: 6,000 tickets available for Thursday (men’s sprint), a thousand tickets less are for Friday (women’s sprint). There are still enough tickets for stands along the course for both days.

Tickets are available at 

Photo: Michal Červený, Český biatlon and CPA, Eduard Erben

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