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For visitors


The Organizing Committee of the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 2015 invests great efforts into maximizing the accessibility to follow the sport action in person also to visitors with limited mobility or particularly disabled persons.

Free access to areas along the courses and onto the grand stands of the Vysočina arena for the holders of the PDP or PDP/P cards is clear proof of the statement above. There will be special platforms designed for comfortable parking of wheel chairs constructed on selected spots along the courses and on the grand stands. Same way there will be organized wheelchair toilets and buffets. There will be special organized parking places directly inside the arena too.

Means of entry for PDP and PDP/P (own mobility without wheel chair)

Persons with own mobility can enter the arena through tourniquets. They only need to present a valid PDP card at the check-in.

Means of arena entry and right to parking

There is a limited amount of parking places inside the arena for the PDP a PDP/P card holders, who own a valid parking card for disabled persons (according to the Czech law No. 133/2011).

All disabled persons and persons in their company need to register at the Event office of the World Cup Organizing Committee prior to entering the arena or the designated parking places. All disabled persons have the right to access the areas of competition only after their registration is confirmed via an email from the OC.

The registrations need to be addressed at the contact email of the OC World Cup Biathlon Event Office at

Please include the following details in your email registrations:

  • Names and number of persons
  • Specific competition days of the intended visit of the World Cup
  • Attach a scan/photo of your PDP, PDP/P card and a copy of a valid parking card for particularly disabled persons.

Your registrations will be confirmed by return informing you about the possibilities of entry on the required competition days. We can’t guarantee the availability of space on the grand stands of the arena to any disabled persons without previous registration.

The deadline for registrations is one month prior to commencement of the events, i.e. 16th September 2016.

Reserved places for PDP and PDP/P

PDP can take any place of their own choice on the grandstands as well as along the race track.

Reserved places are secured for the PDP/Ps and these are to be found:

1. On the grandstand D – the lowest line (30 square meters = 15 spots)

Capacity of reserved place is limited. Please register at The deadline for registrations is one month prior to commencement of the events, i.e. 16th September 2016.

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