The Vysočina Arena programme for spectators always begins 3.5 hours ahead of the first start. Our moderator-DJ-beatbox duo formed byNasty” andDJ En.Dru” will take care of your enjoyment on all competition days of the NMNM World Cup 2016.

nasty en_dru
Nasty Dj En.Dru


Witty and exciting commenting on the competitions will be the responsibility of experienced announcing team – Mr. Michal Chylík (Czech) and Mr. Marco Ruhl (English, German, Russian), who will be supported by the German biathlon legend – the world-famous “DJ Charly“.

DJ Charly


Accompanyning programme planned for race days in Spectator tent:

Thursday December 15, from 14:00 – Jerry Band
Friday December 16, from 14:30 – Onkels
Saturday December 17, from 11:00 Klaxon
Sunday December 18, from 10:00 Habakuk

This programme ends on Thu, Fri and Sat at 24:00, on Sun at 18:00.

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