News from the Vysočina Arena: Grandstands are growing, artifical snow yet remains in the depot

Where is currently the largest concentration of scaffolding in the Czech Republic? The right answer may quite possibly be the Vysočina Arena! Have a look at the photo report from Nové Město na Moravě where the IBU Biathlon World Cup will start in less than a month from today!

Mobile grandstand E, which will once again close the stadium from its’ northern side, is getting real outlines.

Another grandstand grew up next to the newly built uphill section on the approach to the stadium.

Scaffolding is gradually being transformed into seven giant LED TV & result screens.

Around 400 tons of portable scaffolding components were brought to the Vysočina Arena.

In next few days this structure will turn into a giant VIP lounge.

VIP guests will watch the biathlon races from this area.

Vysočina Arena has been surrounded by nearly 5 kilometers of mobile fencing.  Hundreds of meters of covering mesh net are yet to be installed.

Snow is still hidden in the snow depot under a thick layer of sawdust. Over 17 000 cubic meters are needed to cover the race track. In the depot is hidden over 25 000 to set something aside. The distribution will be launched when it starts freezing.

Tomáš Hermann, Karel Halberštádt

Foto: Tomáš Hermann

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