Racers, fans on site, and the public watching biathlon races at home on TV can be looking forward to some interesting changes and improvements in the 3rd event of the 2018/2018 Biathlon World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě that is taking place on December 20 – 23. What are they about? Simply and briefly speaking, getting out and in the Vysočina Aréna will be different, which brings along secondary effects, too.

What exactly has been changed on the track?

After the start (or after leaving the penalty lap), the racers will not head for the underpass but towards the H spectator sector where the final climb used to be originally. Now they will ride it the other way round, though. Approximately half-way into the descent, they turn right, back towards the stadium and skate under the stadium bridge where they will connect to the original direction of the track.

The section that brings the biathletes to the stadium / shooting range (incl. the finish of the race) is an innovation: it traverses a meadow below the stadium from where biathletes will have to climb to the overpass (the so-called “camel”) that is a kind of entry gate to the stadium.

What was the reason for the changes?

By making this change, organizers have fulfilled a request the IBU, broadcasting companies and Infront, the owner of marketing rights, had for a long time. The new alternative will provide for clearer television coverage or change in placement of split time measuring spots, which will be enjoyed by everyone watching the races in TV.

What does the change bring along?

The change enabled major extension of the original H spectator sector that used to be rather confined. The new stands will now be located on a meadow below the stadium, and the meadow itself will offer a much more spacious and clearer space for unrestrained movement of spectators along the tracks that is known for example from Anterselva or Hochfilzen. From the perspective of organisation, this alternative opens a new space for spectator facilities as sufficient amount of stands with refreshment and mobile toilets can be located here. The area will have its huge screen showing the race. In addition to that, even the actual access to the new H sector will be much more comfortable than it was originally.

What is important in relation to the track changes?

We believe that fans will embrace the change as we will enable them take in the atmosphere of the stadium that will be visually connected with the H spectator sector. There will be no stands above the “camel” as in 2016. In addition to that, holders of tickets into the H sector will have the opportunity to see biathletes twice on the track: while descending at the beginning of every lap, and then while climbing the hill before the finish. Having a free view over the legendary “camel”, they will witness the drama and beauty of biathlon almost to the very end, and will be enjoy the thrill of decisive moments!

What does it mean for biathletes?

A steep climb on a meadow shortly before the shooting range (or the finish line) promises to bring dramas that will take your breath away (and that of biathletes, too!). How will biathletes deal with the new situation? We shall during the actual races!

And what the IBU say to the change?

IBU Technical Committee has already confirmed the conceptual changes of tracks, and so have representatives of Eurovision who understand the benefits of the new track alternative.

Author: Tomáš Hermann
Photo: Michal Jilka

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