Everyone who made their way to the Biathlon World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě was excited. Even though the results of Czech biathletes were apart from the last day not the best, the atmosphere was Thursday through Sunday absolutely astonishing. And it was highly appreciated by the athletes as well as the Chief of the Organizing Committee and President of the Czech Biathlon in one person, Mr. Jiří Hamza.

In 4 days program the Vysočina Arena was visited by more than 100 thousand visitors! Each of the 6 races was in average supported in the stadium by more than 25 thousand extremely loud fans!

„The atmosphere here in Nové Město na Moravě is truly special. It is not something that you can experience too many times in a lifetime, no matter if you are a fan standing on the grandstand or an athlete struggling on the race course. And this is exactly why we must appreciate and cherish each single person who arrived in Vysočina Arena! Our fans are brilliant in terms of how fully they can cheer for each athlete, even if they are fighting for 50.th or 60.th position. That is something what you can’t see anywhere else in the world and I really want to thank everyone for being so generous and wishful,” says gently Jiří Hamza.

Words of Jiří Hamza could be surely signed by the biathletes as well.

„Fans and the atmosphere here are the best among the whole World Cup“, made a bow the king of this year’s races Johannes Thingnes Bø.

And here are the words of the queen Marte Olsbu Røiseland, who won 2 of the 3 Women’s competitions. „Fans in the Arena are unbelievable, they keep on cheering the home team as well as everyone else. Big thanks to everyone for turning the event into such a great celebration.“

All competitions in NMNM were highly appreciated also by the silver medalist from Sprint and bronze from Mass Start Paulína Fialková of Slovakia. „This was incredible. I had a chance to compete in so many places around the world, but I have never experienced something like this.“

Home favourite Michal Krčmář rewarded his fans for endless support with a good 10.th rank in the Mass Start race. „Hat’s off for everyone here in the Arena. I really appreciate their support and want to thank them for being here in such an ugly weather.“

A big thank you goes to the organizing team and a team of almost 200 volunteers. “Organization worked fantastic, but it cost us a superhuman efforts, all the requests from various sides were escalating day by day. Our key people Vlasta Jakeš, Ota Binder and Honza Skřička are extremely exhausted and so is the rest of the team,” appreciated the work of his own team Jiří Hamza.

One more big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in this incredible biathlon party. We will meet again in March 2020 and February 2021 when the World Cup returns back to the Vysočina Arena. And hopefully also in 2024 or 2025 if we’ll be lucky enough to achieve the honour of organizing the World Championships.


Karel Halberštádt, Tomáš Hermann, Michal Jilka

Photo: Václav Mudra, Petr Slavík

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