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IBU Biathlon Cup Nové Město na Moravě (1.—5. 2. 2022)

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Rules for entry to the Czech Republic


  • All participants travelling into the Czech republic will be tested in Arber (On-boarding test and also mandatory for entry to the Czech republic)
  • Persons not coming from Arber need to arrive with external PCR test not older than 72 h (On-boarding test)
  • All participants, travellers from all countries have an obligation to fill in the Passenger Locator Form before the arrival
  • Persons who will not stay more than 7 days in the territory of the Czech republic don’t have to be tested after arrival (for those who arrived from abroad it is obligatory to wear a respirator outside of the accommodation)
  • OC NMNM offers testing on request for those who will need travel test for departure (requests will be submitted in the comp. office NMNM)
  • Unvaccinated participants will be subsequently tested during the event on Tuesday 12.30–13.30 and Friday 16.00–18.00
  • Test lab will be located directly at the stadium Vysocina Arena NMNM
  • For all participants are valid IBU Event Guidelines COVID-19 with annexes and obligation of Antigen testing as scheduled in annex 6.
  • Entry exceptions: concerning the COVID 19 protective measures it is restricted to enter the Czech republic for people from third countries outside the EU unless they have an exception. This exception is not necessary for those who have been vaccinated EU conform vaccine or they have EU conform certificate. OC NMNM manages these exceptions. To submit the request for exception we need to complete the personal data in file we have already sent to your emails.

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