For visitors


By buying a ticket a visitor confirms his agreement with visitor rules and regulations. Entering the area of the event every visitor obligates that he will comply with the law of the Czech Republic and the visitor rules bellow during the whole time of the event.

The visitor is aware that the area can be monitored by CCTV.

The visitor also agrees with that all audio and video records, pictures and movies displaying him can be commercially used without any refunds and time and place restrictions.


  1. Persons under 12 years are allowed to enter only with person older than 18 years.
  2. The access is allowed only with a valid ticket.
  3. Every visitor has to go through the preventive security control at the entrance which may be carried out physically or by using metal detectors or with other devices.
  4. The visitor has a duty to carry with him a valid ticket and show it when required during the whole time of the event.
  5. The ticket authorizes the visitor to watch the race only from the sector marked on the ticket.
  6. When the visitor leaves the area, it is his duty to go through the exit tourniquet and deactivate his ticket.
  7. It is forbidden to enter with animals, especially dogs.
  8. The organizer reserves the right to change the program especially due to bad weather conditions.
  9. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be not admitted into the area or will be taken away from the area.
  10. The visitor of the event is obliged to behave considerately towards other visitors, not to damage devices in the area, keep order, not to interrupt running event and move just in marked sectors.
  11. It is also prohibited for everyone to provide any acoustic or visual information and advice to racers.
  12. It is forbidden to cross the race tracks, touch the sportsmen and otherwise make their sports performance difficult or help them.
  13. The event visitors´ duty is to respect and obey the instructions of the organizer or his staff (security guards, stewards, technicians etc.)
  14. In case of non-respecting any of those instructions organizer or his staff is justified to deny access into or to take this person away from the area without any refunds on tickets.
  15. The visitor attends the event on his own responsibility and is responsible for any damage he causes with his behaving.
  16. The event organizer is not responsible for any damage to health and property of participants unless this damage is caused directly by breaking the law by organizer.


It is forbidden to take this stuff in the area:

  • PET and vacuum bottles above 0,7l,
  • liquids containing alcohol,
  • glass and metal packaging and other cluster stuff,
  • narcotic and psychotropic substances,
  • sprays, markers, chemicals or colouring substances,
  • dangerous items – fireworks, weapons, solid rods longer than 100 cm, umbrellas, laser pointers and more that could be used as weapon,
  • excessive objects – Folding chairs, prams, bicycles, sledges, skis etc.,
  • excessive noise objects – sirens, horns,
  • items designed for advertising and sale which are not agreed by organizer,
  • items and outfits promoting racism, xenophobia or containing vulgar and rude slogans,
  • wireless device (radio station etc.).


In the area of the event is prohibited

  • entering locations that are not permitted for visitors and are clearly marked with signs “ no entry for unauthorized persons ”,
  • devastating devices and equipment of the areas,
  • doing physical needs outside toilets or otherwise pollute the area,
  • climbing on buildings and equipment prepared for general use, especially fences, race track fences, barriers, lighting equipment, camera racks, trees, pillars of any kind and roofs,
  • throwing objects or liquids of any kind on race tracks and in to the visitor´s area,
  • lighting and manipulating with fire,
  • modifying or shifting the tracks or training and race corridors,
  • covering advertising banners or other devices placed at stadium with banners, flags or otherwise,
  • masking faces by hoods, caps etc. in order to prevent identification of the visitor,
  • use wireless device (radio station etc.).
  • all advertising for commercial or business purposes is prohibited without specific permission by the event organizers; it is also prohibited to take photos, videos or recordings for commercial or business purposes and/or to commercialize these.


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