Dear fans,thank you for your interest in the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon NMNM 2023.  There are several stadium ticket categories in different price levels to choose from.

4-day ticket A, B D E1 Sektor E2
2. – 5. 3. 2023 2 400 CZK 2 100 CZK 1 500 CZK 1 200 CZK
One Day A, B D E1 E2 VIP (C)
2. 3. 2023
500 CZK 400 CZK 300 CZK 250 CZK 3000 CZK
3. 3. 2023
500 CZK 400 CZK 300 CZK 250 CZK 3000 CZK
4. 3. 2023
800 CZK 750 CZK 550 CZK 450 CZK 5000 CZK
5. 3. 2023
800 CZK 750 CZK 550 CZK 550 CZK 5000 CZK

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The ticket is only valid for a sector, which it has been purchased for!

Exact start times listed the programme section. Change of Programme is reserved.

In case of cancellation of the event on the actual day of the race due to extreme weather conditions (fog, strong winds, etc.) the organizer reserves the right NOT TO refund the ticket fee.

Tickets will be refunded only in case the event is cancelled long time in advance in response to adverse climate conditions (ex. lack of snow).

All visitors shall respect the Visitor rules of the Vysočina Arena.

All children with body height less than 120 cm need to present a ticket for 0,1 EUR, which shall be registered throught the ticketing system (follow instructions when buying a regular adult ticket)

Large screens

Large screens will be placed in the stadium and along the tracks (in paid sectors) so that all spectators have the best overview of the developments and progress of the racing.

Arena sectors

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